Services Rendered

Blessed Alms, Inc./Blessed New Beginnings, LLC takes great pride in the fact that it is a high quality home – giving quality care. Services are rendered with integrity, using available resources that are clinically sound, cost effective, diverse and without regard to color, race, disability or national origin.

Our services are designated to empower persons, encouraging and exhibiting positive behaviors in order to maximize the quality of life, leading to a positive future. For our model of therapeutic treatment we use a behavioral management program, which utilizes a strength-based approach to treatment. While we recognize that our clients have incurred past negative and painful experiences, the focus on the treatment process is on future transitions. Our goal is to help our clients experience themselves differently, to see themselves as competent rather than failures.

Ultimately, our goal is to help clients identify and implement strategies for their own self-development and behavior management. We provide the following services to achieve this objective:

• Crisis Stabilization
• Person-Centered Plan (PCP) Achievement
• Structured Residential Services
• Family Interaction encouraged
• Personal Hygiene Training
* Anger Management; Decision Making; Coping Skills Training; and Behavior Management Training
• Education Monitoring
• Recreational and Community outings